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ITE Mission Statement

The Department of Instruction and Teacher Education (ITE) is a dynamic, nurturing, collaborative learning community that supports the growth of aspiring and practicing educators. We are committed to understanding the perspectives of, and preparing educators to work effectively with, those who have been traditionally discriminated against, excluded, or marginalized locally, nationally, and internationally. We promote educational transformation through pre-service teacher preparation and professional development in schools and other educational settings. We actively partner with government agencies, professional organizations, schools, and other stakeholders to advocate for high quality education and social justice for all learners.

We enact our mission at the intersection of research, theory, and practice. We want our students to develop critical inquiry as a habit of mind. We strive to prepare educators who have strong knowledge of their specialty areas and who: 

  1. Respond effectively to the complexity of 21st century schools and classrooms characterized by increasingly diverse populations;
  2. Use evidence-based strategies and practices to provide equitable and effective opportunities for all people to learn;
  3. Are prepared to effectively use available technology and resources to reach all learners and connect them to the world beyond the classroom; and
  4. Promote democratic principles and ideas within all educational settings.

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