Teaching Mathematics with Manipulatives,

Grades 7-12

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Course Lessons by Strand

Instructors: Ed Dickey and Elizabeth Gasque
1. Manipulatives: What and Why?

Number and Numeration Systems Strand
2.Integers and Integer Arithmetic
3.Rational Numbers

Probability and Statistics Strand
4. Probability, Sampling, and the Unexpected
5. Statistics and Data Analysis

Patterns, Relations & Functions Strand
6. Patterns

Algebraic Concepts and Operations Strand
7. Algebra Manipulatives & the Distributive Law
8. Polynomials and Minus
9. Equations and Functions

Geometry and Spatial Sense Strand
10. Polygons and Circles
11. Transformations
12. Solid Geometry

Measurement Strand
13. Length, Angles, Weight
14. Area and Volume

This course consists of 14 videotaped lessons highlighting the use of manipulatives to teach the curriculum strands of the South Carolina Mathematics Frameworks. Alternative assessment techniques are discussed in each strand. Instructors model the use of a large variety of mathematics manipulatives. Interaction is achieved by posing tasks for participants to practice and investigate using manipulatives. Each course participant works with a specially developed Study Guide and Manipulative Kit.